The Decalogue to go well in school

For boys (and parents) in high schools, here is a small vademecum to keep in mind more of the Latin and function study variations because ” self-esteem and self- confidence are warm feelings that belong to our children and their push to fight to recover or overcome obstacles “. The vademecum is by Alessandro Artini, a former philosophy teacher, now a passionate headmaster and father of a 17-year-old like many others, who offered him the inspiration to write a book “No bad grade is forever”, just published by Ponte alle Grazie, on the most important school subject of all: self-esteem.

“The school needs great coaches, not just evaluators”

  1. you are worth: do not allow any teacher to undermine your security. A vote is always remediable.
  2. choose the road: “no wind is favorable to the sailor who does not know where to go”, that is to say: choose carefully the high school, follow your inclinations and your talents.
  3. one step at a time: give yourself small goals from the first quarter, for example, the sufficiency in the most important subjects or a good grade in the ones you love the most and learn to find successes or mistakes on yourself.
  4. look for your Pygmalion! teachers, maybe not everyone but someone for sure, invest in you and believe in your abilities: when they make you feel important, you won’t let them down, that’s for sure.
  5. the vote counts: we are all subject to the evaluation of others: there are formal votes, those on the register, but also the opinions of your friends. To grow, you must take note: sometimes a few votes hurt, sometimes someone denies us his friendship.
  6. mistakes are needed: if you mess up you don’t have a stigma on your forehead, you’re not a landslide. Ask your teacher for help to regain confidence with the discipline: learn to enjoy small successes and improvements, never think that there are ‘insurmountable’ subjects.
  7. if you copy scrub yourself: the dirty game? Fascinating, but does not pay. In the verifications the competition must be fair: each one puts himself to the test with his own strength. Do you think you’re screwing the teacher? You’re screwing yourself up and, often, it’s worse than before.
  8. keep your parents at bay: I know, sometimes mum and dad are fixed with votes or project their successes (or failures) on your life: be strong, affirm your diversity (even with some small transgressions, come on!).
  9. the biggest lies are the ones you say to yourself : lying about the vows is useless: try to recognize who you are in front of the mirror, talk to your friends, parents, even teachers if you have difficulties and trust: real life is always better than any parallel world (and then it is difficult not to contradict oneself, when one says too many lies).
  10. the prof are your best allies! Do not you believe it? Test. Disputing is not necessary, it is better to look for a frank and open dialogue that includes your participation and collaboration in school life, the choice to deepen themes or topics that interest you. School is not an abstract reality: you are the school, together with your classmates and prof

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