School, tips for beginning children

Advice from Dr. Simonetta Gentile, developmental psychotherapist psychologist at the Operative Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry, Head of the Simple Unit of Clinical Psychology of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome.

Advice for when your children start school

The school is about to start again, are you ready? Here are the tips for children who will soon return to school.

  1. Teach them to be autonomous and responsible in the care of school materials
  2. Set a timetable for the study
  3. Talk about what happened at school
  4. Show yourself happy with his achievements
  5. Do not speak ill of teachers
  6. Be aligned as parents

AUTONOMOUS AND RESPONSIBLE – You take care of the school materials and your study area together, but gradually teach them to be autonomous and responsible for this task.

ROUTINE IN THE TIME – Always set the same time for the study, preceded by a moment of rest and quiet activities, and followed by more intense games and commitments.

ALWAYS INFORMED PARENTS – Talk together about what was done at school, sharing it at times when the whole family is gathered and try to stay informed about school activities.

BRAVO, SO IT, IS! – Show yourself happy with your achievements, not overestimating the results, but valuing the child for the progress made. Do not underestimate the negative results, but try to understand together why and identify the cause and the possibilities of solutions in a good time, consulting with the teachers: it is important to make the child feel that parents and teachers are allies in understanding and solving his difficulty.

Do not neglect even the sense of guilt or personal insecurity that the child may have following a failure.

DON’T TALK ABOUT THE TEACHER – Never devaluate the work or behavior of teachers in front of the child: it could lead to the dangerous conclusion that going well in that matter is not important! If you do not share the work method of a certain teacher, speak directly with him or with the head of the school.

BE AGREED! The harmony of the parental couple with respect to study and school is very important. Remember that the child observes your way of discussing and that he understands much more than what you say; possible educational discrepancies between parents must be addressed in moments and private spaces of the couple, never in front of the children.

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