Studio MDHR / 29 Sep 2017

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Replay Value

Cuphead is an arcade that which can win your heart due to its graphics. You will probably feel something so nostalgic, but decide that the target audience of this entertainment is attending kindergarten, and you hardly need it. And make a big mistake - Cuphead can surprise you not only with the original setting.

Visuals 5/5 

The game really looks fantastic. The artists took into account all the classical animation canons. Everything that happens in Cuphead evokes memories of the best old cartoons from Disney and Warner Bros. There are a lot of recognizable elements: cars with a maliciously grinning face, a giant carrot with eyes, surreal-looking clowns, walking caramels - a lot of archetypes familiar from childhood. However, in Cuphead, they are presented even more insanely and grotesquely, but all the more fun! But what is more important here is not how it looks but how it feels. The magic happens when you understand that the cartoon comes to life in your hands; you are a part of it and can control its characters. 

Gameplay & Characters 5/5 

Cuphead is two-thirds boss fights. You can only get to the final battle and save the brothers from the horrors in the Devil's clutches by defeating all the previous opponents, so get ready: the trip will be difficult, but delightfully addictive.Boss battles are the star of the show and the main attraction of the game.

As for game mechanics, Cuphead is elegant and straightforward: nothing more. The player can shoot in eight directions, combine this with running and jumping, duck and dash to avoid impacts or reach the desired platforms. Some battles take place in the air.

Cuphead enchants not only with the beauty of its world but also with its content. Here the story is as simple as possible: the main character, a guy with a cup instead of a head, deciding to cut easy money in a casino, got into a considerable amount and owed the Devil himself. But around her, the game still builds a musical cartoon universe. It is based on details and in drawing levels, and the images of your opponents. And you will also meet a lot of funny characters. Like the characters of old cartoons, they are brief, but a couple of phrases are enough for them to be remembered.

Compatibility 4/5

The game is available on the most of popular consoles, except Playstation 4. You can download Cuphead and play it on such platforms as Nintendo Switch, Windows, macOS, and Xbox One. Think about the fact that you want to consider all the graphics details. Choose a larger screen to get the maximum pleasure. 

Cute But Tricky

Cuphead is not breaking the industry rules, pioneering a new trend, or reinventing the wheel. This game is excellent, it evokes positive emotions and makes you use your head. And it was created not to surpass competitors in the number of polygons and the size of the open world, but for the pleasure of the game itself.

That's what games are all about - just to be fun. The debut project of the Studio MDHR team reminded the whole world of this, and at the same time, also launched a real renaissance of retro animation. Cuphead is a small game with a big heart. Exactly the way we expected it.


  • Run-and-gun levels are not as good as bosses;
  • Can make a player quite nervous.


  • Fantastic graphics;
  • Great soundtrack;
  • Amazingly creative boss designs;
  • Solid complexity.
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