Electronic Arts / 9 Oct 2017

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Replay Value

FIFA is a game that has dominated the soccer simulation niche for years.  And to say that PES can compete with EA's product is a clear exaggeration. The sports simulation market is completely conquered by Electronic Arts. As for the basketball, competitors in the person of 2K Games can still oppose their NBA 2K, then in other team sports, EA seems to have no dangerous opponents. To do this, you can download FIFA 18 and see for yourself.

Visuals 5/5

The developers significantly improved graphics: the version for PS4 Pro merely looks fantastic, you can admire it for a long time. But the game is so good only in dynamics - attempts to convey feelings to friends through a screenshot will be doomed to failure. Stadiums and light work at the highest level.

The stadium's view from the street stands, lawn - every detail looks much better, but the potential of these beauties seemed too lazy to use to the fullest. FIFA 18 retains the traditional minimalism of the cutscenes, so every match starts in the same way. From time to time, there are pleasant little things like the view of the stands or the face of the head coach.

Gameplay & Characters 5/5

The developers significantly improved artificial intelligence: players naturally, occupy positions competently, skillfully open, and perform well in selection. If you start with a legendary difficulty right away, it won’t be easy: the top clubs’ goalkeepers still demonstrate phenomenal technique and drag the “dead” balls one by one.

A new system of instant replacements has appeared. If one of your teammates is tired and starts to make mistakes (for example, he missed several times at close range or plays poorly in the tackle), the game will offer to replace him. You can change tired players for fresh cucumbers without extended visits to the menu — press a couple of buttons. In the settings, you can adjust this function at your discretion, but the game, as a rule, always offers a decent option.Besides, the penalty system has changed, but everyone should get to know it on their own. It is the most exciting thing: not to score your first and very important penalty, simply because the system was changed again.

This year, the developers have significantly improved the look of the leading players and coaches. If you dreamed of seeing every hair on Ronaldo's head and being blinded by Zidane's shining bald head, you would definitely love it. But on the other hand, the difference between the "elite" and the rest of the players has become even more pronounced. Every year, the star players get better, and the lesser-known fade away. Leading stars like Cristiano Ronaldo look extremely natural due to improved animations, but the rest of the players barely manage to shrink.


FIFA 18 is available to users of platforms such as Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One/360. As usual, in the FIFA series, the quality of the game is influenced by the size of the screen. The well-known rule with the distance to the screen and the field of view does not quite work here, since the models of football players are not large, and to track all their movements, these models must be large enough.

Excellence Has No Limit

FIFA 18 has kept the quality bar of its predecessor. For most fans of the series, this will be quite enough: the game is easy to enjoy, there are innovations, and most importantly, it is just as pleasant to hang out in football battles in front of the TV screen for hours as before. But still, there is a feeling of repetition. The longer you play FIFA, the clearer you feel that you are being held in a tight framework. FIFA practically eliminates the accidents inherent in real football, and these frameworks begin to press over time: the same situations in matches are repeated from time to time.


  • Lots of players are unrecognizable;
  • Reiteration feeling.


  • Some updates in modes;
  • Improved graphics;
  • Upgraded artificial intelligence.
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