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Replay Value

Octogeddon is a simple 2D arcade shooter from the creators of Plants vs. Zombies released on February 8, 2018. The main character is an octopus whose tentacles were chopped off by a chef to prepare sushi. This two-legged monster decides to take revenge on humanity and destroy the most famous cities. Download Octogeddon to try its style and have fun.

Graphics 3/5

The straightforward style of a cartoon in 2D takes you into the picturesque venue of the deep ocean and the streets of favorite cities. Enraged crocus octopus is shooting humorously drawn opponents from its bright and fun limbs. Blue, green, yellow waters, day and night urban landscapes are the prime locations of Octogeddon. The multicolored pattern makes us treat this game as a joke despite its murderous storyline.

Gameplay 5/5

The first three levels are played in the water. In the ocean, the mutant floats spinning in the middle of the screen, attacking its rivals. On the next three levels, the octopus is rolling to destroy its enemies in the streets of well-known cities. On the land, you can also move your cephalopod back and forth. As you progress, you gain coins. After the death and between the attempts, you can buy new tentacles, lives, new slots, and abilities for the coins that you earned.

Octogeddon review would not be complete without mentioning the main feature of the octopus – enhancing your legs with DNA of other creatures allowing you to gain certain superpowers. Here you will see a chicken DNA that can throw exploding eggs or a snake DNA that gives you the ability to spit venom from its mouth.

As you move to the final boss, you start to understand how to arrange various limbs to pass a level. Having upgraded your octopus to an absolutely unbelievable beast armed with lobster claws and tongue of a frog, you propel yourself forward to crash the Statue of Liberty and other sights.

Compatibility and Requirements 3/5

To ensure that your playing goes smoothly and not interrupted by the hardware issues, you need to meet the following system requirements before you download Octogeddon. Please note this is the minimum your computer or laptop has to possess.

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Available Space: 700 MB
  • CPU: 2.0Ghz Dual core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 or better)
  • Graphics: 1 GB RAM
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
  • Video Card: 1 GB RAM 3D DirectX 9 compatible video card

Out-of-Control Cartoony Monster Ruins the World  

If you are looking for some fun, understand the irony behind the authors’ idea, and have some time to waste, do not hesitate to download Octogeddon and check its world. The game is understandable and easily controllable due to the two-button operation. It keeps you engaged and surprised throughout the journey, demanding smart decision making and fast reaction.

For a bullet hell type, this game is charming and definitely deserves to be played.


  • Too easy for dedicated players;
  • Too fast-paced.


  • Humorous and light;
  • Challenging;
  • Easy only at first sight;
  • Requires experience to get more weapon.
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