First walks with a newborn: when you can, how much time, what to wear

can a newborn go outside

Walking is an essential part of the harmonious development of the baby. When can you go on a first walk with a newborn, what places to choose for walks, and how to wear crumbs in severe frost?

Having a baby is real happiness for the family, but it comes to a lot of worries and worries. How to dress the baby, is it possible to walk in the cold, how long the first walk should take.

can a newborn go outside
When can a newborn go outside?

When can I go on a first walk with a newborn? 

It all depends on what time of the year the baby was born, what the weather is outside, and how healthy the baby is. Walking, of course, is desirable in any weather, but this does not apply to newborn babies.

Pediatricians recommend going for a walk with a healthy baby about a week after birth, but weather conditions must be considered. Many mothers mistakenly believe that in the summer, the baby can spend almost all day outdoors, but this is not so. In the summer, it can be boiling outside; the baby can quickly overheat or get a heat stroke for up to three months; the baby has a poorly developed thermoregulation system.

In the cold season, you also need to be careful when going with a newborn for a walk, and before that, it is imperative to get the go-ahead from the pediatrician. Most often, if the baby is completely healthy, then you can go for the first walk in the winter about two weeks after birth, but provided that the air temperature is not lower than -5.

All these recommendations apply to healthy babies born on time. If your child has some disease or is premature, then the question of starting a walk is decided exclusively with the pediatrician who is watching the child.

How long should a walk with a newborn last? 

The first walk with the newborn should last no more than 15 minutes; then, gradually, every day, you can increase its duration by 5-10 minutes, bringing to the end of the first month to one and a half to two hours. At first, you can take the baby outside in the arms or a sling, especially if the baby was born in the summer. Also, in the cold season, you can use the balcony, take the stroller with the crumbs to the gallery and open the window; in bad weather, this method will help you out a lot.

In winter, the first walk with the crumbs should last no more than 10-15 minutes, and the air temperature should not be lower than -5. Like in summer, every day, the walk increases by 5-10 minutes, but walking with the baby in the winter for more than 1.5 hours is not recommended. And at an air temperature of -10 and below, it is better to take the baby out on the balcony to breathe a bit, and not to go outside.

What weather is suitable for walking with a newborn? 

The weather should be comfortable for the baby, should not be too hot and stuffy, therefore, in the summer, it is recommended to walk until 11 .00 a.m. and after 6 p.m. when the heat subsides a little.

In the off-season, you can go for a walk when there is no heavy rain and gusty wind. Often mothers walk in heavy rain, putting a raincoat on the stroller, but this is fraught with health problems of the crumbs since the coat creates a greenhouse effect inside the stroller. A layer is an extreme measure, for example, if rain caught you during a walk, or you urgently need to go to a pharmacy or a store, but walking in it for 2 hours is strictly not recommended.

In winter, an obstacle to walking can be not only severe frost but also snowfall, a gale, a blizzard, in such weather conditions, it is better to take the child out for a short time on the glazed balcony.

How to dress a child for a walk?

 In summer, give preference to natural cotton clothing, it does not irritate the code and does not cause contact allergies.

In the off-season, you should have a demi-season jumpsuit or an envelope; a cotton man should be worn underneath. Make sure that the child does not freeze, but do not confuse and do not overheat it, as this is even worse than hypothermia.

For the winter, for a newborn, you must buy a winter jumpsuit or envelope, fleece puffer and cotton men or a bodysuit and panties.

Where to walk with the baby? 

Of course, for walking you should choose quiet, uninhabited places, away from highways, ideally if it is a forest, park, lake or beach. If this is not possible, try to choose a cozy closed courtyard, where there are fewer cars and loud sounds that can wake up or scare the baby.

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