Conceive faster: 8 steps to a healthy pregnancy

how long after sex can you conceive

If you and your partner are already able to grow flowers normally or take care of a pet, you should think about a child. Making this decision is one thing, but getting pregnant can be much more difficult. Here are some suggestions on how to increase the chances of it.

how long after sex can you conceive
How long after sex can you conceive?

1. Take Vitamins

Surely you know, that they are useful for pregnant women, but also conception – too! Especially if your food is far from ideal ( and you may not know this at all). Also, prenatal vitamins help improve the menstrual cycle ( if conception took time). And thanks to folic acid, the unborn child will avoid a neural tube defect.

2. Track ovulation

Technically, you can get pregnant any day, but most often it happens during ovulation, as well as a few days before it. Ovulation usually occurs around the 14th day of the cycle.

It is best to monitor the cycle every month to make sure there is ovulation. With new pharmacy tests, this is not difficult.

Also, knowledge of ovulation reduces the need to have sex every day, so as not to miss a single chance.

3. Refuse lubrication

A lubricant can reduce the speed of sperm, which may not get through a viscous substance. It is also worth avoiding the shower after sex, as it changes the pH balance in the vagina and affects the viability of sperm.

4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

Of course, during pregnancy, they will have to reduce their consumption to almost zero, but it’s worth starting even before conception. Substances, contained in coffee and wine, may affect the body and interfere with the  meeting” of the egg and sperm. It is advisable to drink no more than two cups of coffee per day and pay attention to the amount of soda, chocolate, and energy drinks with caffeine in the composition. Alcohol can lower blood estrogen levels.

5. Do not exercise beyond measure

Of course, support the weight of the user, but to train to exhaustion, when you want to conceive a child, it is not necessary. If the body decides that there is not enough fat, it can go into energy-saving mode and not allow it to conceive a child in such a difficult time.

6. Try not to worry

Yes, no one likes these tips, but it’s best to follow them if possible. Meditation and other calming methods help reduce cortisol, which can affect ovulation.

7. Stop smoking

Yes, it’s not easy, but it is beneficial for you and the unborn child. Also, smoking is associated with an earlier onset of menopause and a rapid decrease in egg supply.

8. Sleep more

Violation of the rhythm of sleep can adversely affect ovulation. If your job interferes with sleep, try to change the schedule, or at least sleep without interruption, where possible. Do not drink coffee and do not watch TV at night, so that rest is stronger and healthier.

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