PS5: No Optical Audio Port But With SSD, Sony Says

PS5: No Optical Audio Port But With SSD, Sony Says

Following the official Sony headers, it’s probable that PS5 will be different from its predecessors. Aiming at a next-gen console, the company has a new design and cutting-edge functionality for the upcoming product. The platform is to have an SSD while other, traditional features, like an optical audio port, may be scrapped off the console.

Available on the company’s Twitter account, the teaser-post of the PS5 release tells us more about the product. Allegedly, Sony is determined to gear up the latest PS device with an SSD to ‘load data at blistering speed.’ Such a fundamental change is meant to accelerate the overall functionality of the platform, increase loading, and widen the game design options for the developers.

To better the audio positioning, the company has, as far as we can see, added the Tempest 3D AudioTech engine. Now, haptics and sound output should be even more realistic with this high-response engine. Subsequently, the company has to get rid of the old-school optical port since this oldy is a little redundant to keep. The developers claim that such a drastic change should bring the platform to a new level of gaming where immersion is not just a word anymore. Well, we’ll see.

Along with the technical alterations, the twit also provides us with at least two new products to be released with the console. Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West are estimated to be the first games that the owners of freshly baked PS5 will be able to purchase. In addition, the post features other game promos, like NBA: Mamba Forever and Demon’s Souls.

Whatever Sony meant by their statement, we are already excited. The new features and virtual changes should breathe in new life into the product. However, it’s difficult to say whether we’re waiting for the release or fearing it.

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