Growing Pain in the Gaming Community: PS4 vs PS5

Growing Pain in the Gaming Community: PS4 vs PS5

With the upcoming release of Sony’s new PS, the fans and devoted users have begun to opt between PS4 and 5 platforms. Since there is little to know about the overall capacity of PS5 and PS5 backwards compatibility PS4, we are all rather puzzled, right? Moreover, very few people actually know whether their PS4 Pro purchase was the right decision, after all.

As the issue emerges, Sony has made a series of claims and statements to address the concerned community. Most of them give us enough confidence to keep on purchasing PS4, while others look like bad omens, encouraging us to root for PS5 instead. So, should we buy PS4 or wait for PS5?

PS4 vs PS4 Pro vs PS5

Both consoles have similar specs, but Pro is, obviously, a little more upgraded and cost a good penny. While PS4 displays HD resolution, PS5 can easily support 4K images, which makes it stand out between the two. Also, Pro has a wider memory range. It results in longer memory-storing time and rare lags and bugs. However, neither of the two features is the deal-breaker here. Apparently, the Pro version has a better GPU/CPU. It doesn’t allow the hardware to overheat excessively, thus making it run smoother and more efficiently.

As for the PS5 option, everything is very straightforward. The main feature that is so splurged about is the transition to SSD. Though it has a more limited storage capacity than HDD, it has some perks that easily eclipse the latter. First, the drive softer interaction with the console, reducing the heat and facilitating cooling. Second, it enables real-time downloading. Because the drive has less storage space, games can be downloaded while playing without lagging.


Stuffed with upgrades, PS5 is, of course, more expensive, which is another stumbling block for users. The console’s estimated value is approximately $200 more than the price for its predecessor, while PS4 Pro is almost $100 less expensive.

Unfortunately, the exact price for PS5 is still a real mystery since the company hasn’t finished the console’s production.

Will PS5 Play PS4 Games?

The PS4 already possesses a great game selection, coming to Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, and many others. The PS5 promises to bring even more to the library, preserving its compatibility with the PS4 platform. However, it’s not that simple. Because the company aims to change its platform for good with the HDD replacement and other features, it’s planning to produce games exclusively compatible with PS5.

Which One to Choose Then?

If you’re about to buy your first PlayStation, then, of course, we recommend purchasing the latest 5th edition. This will save you another 3-5 years of gaming experience without having to upgrade your platform any time soon. On the other hand, people with PS4 or PS4 Pro still have some time left. You can continue using your console and wait for the price of the new one to go down. By selling your current platform, you will reimburse your expenses for PS5 when the price is reasonable.

Gear up to a Brand New Console Rule

You might be outraged by Sony’s approach, or you might support their cut-off decision. It matters little since big changes are coming our way; the point here is not to miss them.

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