Another 2020 PS5 Game Delay, Arkane Announces

Another 2020 PS5 Game Delay, Arkane Announces

While this year’s list of delayed games is growing by the day, Arkane has added another one to it, and this time it’s big. The company has announced that its Deathloop has met contingencies during the production, thus, requiring more time to finish.

But does it?

Acclaimed by the developers themselves, the game is a first-person shooter based on the next-generation engine that we were teased with in 2019. According to the company, the product should challenge the very best games of their own, like Dishonored and Halo, which have also been delayed. Having seen the cinematic trailer earlier of Deathloop last year, we know they aren’t bluffing.

The game should be a time-travel dimension where the characters have to scavenge an entrapment island. While manifesting various abilities and using weapons, the players are to fight in teams for a chance to leave the island and break a time-loop. The gameplay is backed up with the high-res PS5 engine, which is rather promising.

Apparently, the contingencies the developers put the blame on are, of course, caused by the pandemic. As the official Deathloop Twitter account claims, the company has had to prioritize the ‘health and safety’ of the employees, ordering them to continue working from home. Remote game development has clearly got its downsides, slowing down the production.

It’s no wonder that the game is announced for release in the second quarter of 2021. Just as other game developers go in terms of the pandemic, the company has decided to sacrifice the hype it has concocted within the last year to give the developers more time. This way, they will allegedly fix up the product and turn it into an ‘exciting experience.’

Since there is little we can do about it, we have to wait and hope that the developers will use the extra time wisely. After all, we deserve a treat in this hectic 2020, right?

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