Back to school, all the useful information

In September, like every year, school starts again and parents and students return to ask how the approach to the new classes will be, on which exact day the lessons will start, how to organize school and extra-curricular commitments, etc. We have made a special return to school for all those who do not want to arrive unprepared for the fateful day of return. Here is useful information in this regard.

How to face the return to school

To face the return to school, graduality is needed, because even children suffer from the “vacation return syndrome”. According to Luigi Greco, vice president of the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP), interviewed by Ansa. “Summer often involves changes in the sleep-wake rhythm. The period from the end of the holidays to the beginning of the school is important to gradually resume habits. To do this without stress, however, you need to take the right time to adapt. So start now to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, “explained the expert.

Furthermore, the weeks preceding the start of school should also be useful to make people think about how to better organize and make the school year that is about to begin less stressful. So, to avoid getting caught up in anxiety, here are five things parents shouldn’t do before school starts.

  1. Do not do your child’s homework. It is not the right thing to do for child learning. You can choose to have the child go to school with homework not done at all: maybe he will get a bad grade, but the next time he will become more responsible and the teacher (maybe) will understand that his explanation has not been effective and that he has to get back into the game. Or, instead of doing the homework instead of the child, you can sit next to him and make him do it anyway (without ever getting angry though).
  2. Do not overdo it with extracurricular activities. In general, it is advisable not to fill up after-school activities with any kind of activity to enrich children’s lives. It is right to stimulate the little ones, but these should not be overwhelmed by a full agenda.
  3. Do not write useless emails to the teacher (s). If you are really worried, write the mail to the teachers and ask for an interview. Trust instinct: when a mother thinks something is not going right, she’s generally right. But if it comes to trivial things, let the teachers do their job.
  4. Don’t volunteer for anything. It is wonderful that parents offer themselves as an aid to school for an activity. That said, don’t overdo it and don’t always say yes, especially if you then feel overwhelmed and stressed by too many commitments.
  5. Don’t compare yourself with other parents. Moms and dads relax and don’t compare your children with those of others. Do your best, love your children and cuddle them, say that you will always be there for them, listen to them carefully. That’s enough.

Back to school, the list of things to do for mothers

It is not easy to organize everything in the best way for children to return to school. First of all, prepare your backpack: don’t forget books, notebooks, cases, pencils, pens, erasers, glue, felt-tip pens, folders, aprons, and aprons, etc.

Then it is also necessary to organize the rest: extracurricular activities, the canteen, the return to the routine, the stocks of educational material to keep at home. Below is a “simple” checklist with things to do to get prepared for the fateful day.

To be done by August:

  1. Choose a backpack and case.
  2. Try to figure out which sport your child likes and decide on other extracurricular activities.
  3. Try to understand where your child is with vacation homework.
  4. Get or order textbooks.
  5. Bedroom: make sure that the child has space all to himself.

To be done by the end of August:

  1. Get all the stationery you need.
  2. Buy apron and overalls.
  3. Canteen: will the baby eat in the canteen? Do we need the good guys? Try to understand what is needed in this regard.
  4. In bed early: it is essential to restore a routine.
  5. Visit the pediatrician: have the child take a check-up and take the opportunity to ask for a medical certificate.
  6. Babysitters, grandparents and homework help: organize yourself now.

To do the week before school starts

  1. Hairdresser: if your hair has grown a lot, have your child cut it before school starts.
  2. Shoes and more. If you have an extra number, proceed to purchase closed school shoes.
  3. Check the previous points of the checklist: is there something missing? You can still do it!

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