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Our Values

  • Teamwork as none of us could make a resource this big alone.
  • Respect as everything we do we do for our users.
  • Learning as we always seek new ways to improve our services.
  • Inclusiveness as we cover games for each and everyone with our reviews.
  • Gaming as it’s what we do best.

Our Team

Maxoekissa.com is more than just a bunch of reviews of the games you play, it’s an ever-growing community of people who love to play games, talk about them, write about them, recommend them to their friends and name their kids after favorite game characters. We wouldn’t recommend a game we didn’t play and, what’s more important, we wouldn’t recommend a game we didn’t like.

In our team, we have people with diverse world views and gaming preferences working on selecting the titles for you to discover. Whether it’s a hot new game or a long forgotten classic, our review will provide you with the most unbiased and extensive information there is. We keep up with the latest trends in the video gaming world and review the new games as soon as they appear in stores. But we don’t neglect the old titles: our gaming archivists work hard on rediscovering and reevaluating them in the light of modern gaming experience.

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Our Mission

Maxoekissa.com was founded by devoted gamers that had set a goal of creating the largest video games database. It all began with just a few titles of enduring gaming classics, but in a few years, we’ve already had a team of professional developers, designers, and game reviewers ready to expand our database with all the games that have ever been released.

Our Aim

Inspiration is the key to how Maxoekissa.com works. We inspire our readers and we get inspired by them through the ideas they share in their comments and their outstanding critique of our reviews. Several members of our team started as review commentators. Our audience and us, we speak the same language and have no communication problems. They are just like us.

We are proud to have a tight-knit community built around Maxoekissa.com project, and we work hard to keep the trust we’ve earned. Our team is always open for your feedback, and we hope that with the help of our readers we will become a number one provider of gaming inspiration.

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