9 tips for new-born mothers

Sometimes the clear blue pregnancy test doesn’t work and… Soon your baby will be born. Although of course you have prepared months, it is sometimes best to get used to having a baby there. Because of two, you are suddenly three. And that newcomer to the family also requires some attention. It is therefore not surprising that you are uncertain and do not know it anymore. We have nine tips for all newly baked mums!

1. I want mom!

And so not dad or the neighbor. Because of course, they are also very sweet, but after nine months in your safe, warm belly your child will have to get used to the big meadow world. And nothing is as nice as the familiar scent, voice and delicious hugs and kisses from mom! Admit – if possible – to the needs of your newborn. Soon enough a time will come when he will also be fine if he is in someone else’s arms or lap.

2. Building a rhythm takes a while

Building a sleep rhythm takes time and is faster with one than with the other. There are babies who have slept through from the first week and there are babies who have not slept through after a year. Make sure you have extra moments of rest during the first period. Don’t plan your days too full and make clear agreements with your partner about who can sleepover and when. That way you can keep the broken nights full longer and easier.

3. I don’t do it on purpose …

No baby is crying just because he wants to cry all day. And yes, there will certainly be days when you wonder if your baby will ever stop crying, but never forget that a baby is always crying for a reason.

4. Well-intended advice

Now that you are pregnant, the advice is flying around you. And although everyone, of course, means well, it sometimes makes you dizzy with all the birth stories and good tips. However well-intentioned, always go by your own feelings. Your mother instincts rarely fail you and you yourself feel the very best about what you and your child find most comfortable.

When you were just the two of you, it was no problem to eat every night after eight or to leave a party if you felt like it. Now that there is a baby, that requires some flexibility. Your child will not adjust to your schedule but will determine your schedule in the coming period. So it may just be that you suddenly build up a rhythm that you sometimes have to get used to. But if you notice that it works well for your child, you too will be able to adapt quickly to your new rhythm

6. Feeding corner

One does not find it a problem to feed the baby and the square in public, the other wants some privacy. And so it is with babies. One person drinks well during a busy party, the other is only distracted by all those incentives. Take a good look at what you feel comfortable with and find peace when necessary.

7. Give it some time

Pregnancy and birth are not anything. That you have to recuperate from that – and that it might take a year – is very normal. Give yourself time to get pregnant and do not expect that you will be happily bouncing around again after a week.

8. Good and bad days

It all takes some getting used to. For you, your partner and of course also for the baby. So it is not surprising that one day runs just a little better than the other. With a new family member there, it will stay that way for a while. Go with the flow, don’t stress too much when things go wrong, throw in some humor every now and then and never forget that after a heavy rain shower the sun always shines again.

9. Never doubt yourself!

Whatever happens, never doubt yourself! You are now a mother and you know better than anyone how to take care of your child!

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