7 reasons to take children to the beach

Going to the beach with a child can sometimes seem like an enterprise worthy of an army. It is necessary to prepare and organize everything: from the bag for him (but also for us) to the change of clothes and swimsuits. From various games so as not to bore him, to snack if he gets hungry. It must also attach and embed times precision: predict the jelly, and the rest does not arrive when the sun is too high…

So is going to the beach just a source of stress for parents? Actually not. As the Huffington Post writes, there are several reasons why bringing children to the beach would be worthwhile.

Let’s see together what they are.

1 – They can explore and learn about new materials

We spend a lot of money on games, books that let the child try various materials. Rough, wrinkled, smooth, serrated, soft …

Now try to imagine how much a child can learn on a beach between different materials and different sensations: dry sand, wet sand, rocks, shells, water, warm sand, warm sand, cold sand, wind …

Children learn through their senses and the beach is a perfect natural laboratory.

2 – The sound of the sea… reconciles the bed!

They sell CDs with recorded sounds of the ocean, waves crashing on the rocks … and should combine sleep. Why spend 15 euros when you can have all this on a beach?

According to Dr. Harvey Karp, author of the best-selling book “Happiest Baby On The Block,” the sound of breaking waves creates a sound familiar to children, a sound that reminds them of their mother’s womb “. wouldn’t you like to go back to that feeling of relaxation for a little while?

3 – They fall madly in love with nature

Curious little crabs, silver-plated fish, timid hermit crabs, snails, and industrious ants: how many new little creatures can be known on the beach! Some researchers have shown that love for nature is born when they are children and that being exposed to the environment as a child helps develop sensitivity.

Furthermore, according to the American “Early Head Start National Resource Center”, this would decrease the incidence of obesity in children and promote a healthier lifestyle.

4 – They breathe sea air and splash in the saltwater

Seawater is good for you! From the nose running down to eczema. Seawater contains magnesium, ideal for dry and irritated skin.

5 – They take the sun!

The sun is good for children: it helps the harmonious growth of bones, helps regulate sleep and is good for mood. In short, being in the sun is a real cure, provided however that you take the precautions that protect you from the risks associated with imprudent exposure.

6 – They can be distracted indefinitely

Perhaps one of the most frustrating little things about children is “still”. Repetition is their way of discovering the world and learning. At home, he is a continuous “again, again, again”. We have to re-read the book, repeat the same game over and over, look at the same endless cartoon, sing and re-sing the same song.

On the beach, instead, children can entertain themselves endlessly in various ways. For example, looking at the waves that come and go. Or digging a hole, filling it and then digging it again.

7 – They can be nudists

And everyone envies them for this. 😉

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