31 summer games for children, one a day

Summer days can be very long when schools and kindergartens closed and children are at home. How to pass the time?

We have collected 31 activities, including games, chores, recipes, and tips to do with your child in the summer. Day after day, for 31 days. (Read also the boredom in summer that is good for children)

Day 1 – Album of memories

Give the children a nice little notebook and help the little ones decorate their own scrapbook. It will be a beautiful memory of the summer: photos, postcards, drawings, but also stamps, figurines, flowers, shells. A nice way to give vent to your imagination and have fun with the kids. Read how to prepare a scrapbook, a scrapbook.

Day 2 – We play ball to the wall

An old game that requires little space and that all children like wall ball. It is possible to play alone, as a couple or in a small group in turn and is perfect for children aged 4-5 and up. The aim of the challenge is to throw the ball on the wall and pick it up again without dropping it. Here is how to play ball to the wall . A very useful motor activity to train the concentration and coordination of movements by children.

Day 3 – Treasure hunt

We organize a fantastic treasure hunt in the garden and in the city park. 10 themed ideas to organize it.

Day 4 – Let’s make a paper helicopter

All you need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, a paper clip, and some scissors to make a nice paper helicopter. Here are the instructions to prepare it.

Day 5 – We visit an educational farm

There are many activities offered on Italian educational farms: bottle-feeding young kids, collecting herbs, learning how solar panels work and taking part in grape-harvesting. Here are some of the most curious and unforgettable to visit with children.

Day 6 – Today we prepare a snack at home: the ice lollies

15 minutes to prepare them, fresh fruit, water, and yogurt. It takes very little to prepare a sweet and refreshing homemade snack with your child: fruit ice lollies. Here is the recipe.

Day 7 – Report of the first week

Recover the material of the week to decorate and fill the album of memories prepared on the first day.

Day 8 – Picnic in the park

Retrieve a plaid, or the most modern waterproof picnic cloths, choose a not too hot day and organize a packed breakfast. Children love eating in contact with nature. Tricks to prepare a perfect picnic.

Day 9 – We walk in nature

Today we take a nice walk in the middle of nature. And if halfway we find a small bar or an ice cream parlor, let’s cool off and pamper ourselves with nice ice cream.

Day 10 – Let’s play the bell

Recover a piece of chalk and some stones and draw 7 squares on the ground. Here are the instructions to play the classic game bell. It helps improve the sense of balance and space.

Day 11 – Paper dachshund

Together with the child, we make a nice walking dachshund with a little cardboard. It’s a simple simple job. Instructions to make the dachshund.

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