31 summer games for children, one a day Part 2

Day 12 – Everyone at the zoo

In the warm season, you can plan a trip out of town to take the children to a naturalistic oasis or a safari zoo. Here are the 10 most beautiful zoos in Italy.

Day 13 – Pajama party

Today is the day of the … pajama party! Organize the evening with the child: if he is young he will be with his family, if he is older, with his friends. A nice idea? Mount a Canadian curtain at home and let the children sleep there. (Read also: games for house parties )

Day 14 – A dip in the pool!

Splashes, splashes, noises: in summer there is nothing more to thrill children than a pool. This, because of the freshwater and the absence of waves, is often even preferred to the sea.

Day 15 – Kite from you

Have you ever imagined that garbage bags can fly too? They can become dragons! Together with your child, create a kite from a simple garbage bag. The instructions.

Day 16 – Homemade plasticine

Take some simple flour and make the plasticine at home! Then use it to make small animals, fruit, little monsters and much more. Here are the video instructions of homemade clay.

Day 17 – We play with stones or with nature

Take a walk in the woods, in the garden or in the park and collect lots of pebbles, leaves, and flowers. Decorate them and you can then use them to play dominoes or other creative games. Here are the games you can play with pebbles. Or you can use them to create jobs with nature.

Day 18 – Let’s go to the water park

To combine relaxation and coolness with fun, a good idea is to spend a day in a water park, among breathtaking slides, thrilling toboggans, and fun animations, many of which are also suitable for children under 3 years of age. Here are the 10 funniest things we found in Italy.

Day 19 – Street games to play in the backyard

Other than video games. Our fathers (and grandparents) enjoyed themselves with colored marbles, skittles, and fruit pits. Why don’t you try to teach your children the games of the past? Here are the rules of the Lippa, the skittles, the 5 hazels, the tumble, and the butt and span.

Day 20 – Clean up between games

Today take all the game boxes together with your child and make a nice selection. Throw broken toys (or find a way to reuse or recycle them) and keep old toys or toys that the child is no longer interested in. You can give them to the younger children of the neighbors or donate them to some non-profit association. In the evening, watch all together on the Toy Story sofa and fantasize about the future and happy life of the old games.

Day 21 – We prepare fruit jelly

Homemade candies made with sugar and fruit juice? Let your child help you and make room for creativity! Here is the recipe for fruit gummy candies.

Day 22 – Let’s make a paper boat together

The classic instructions for making a small boat from a simple sheet of paper. Here’s how it’s done.

Day 23 – We take the train together or take a walk

The most fascinating means for a child is the train and even more if it is a mountain train or even a funicular. Find a route near your home or read our suggestions.

Day 24 – All at the amusement park

Roller coasters, dinosaurs, ferocious animals, dolphins: there is something for everyone: today is the right day! From North to South, along the whole of Italy, nostrofiglio.it has selected the 40 most interesting amusement parks for bringing children of all ages.

Day 25 – Let’s have fun on the beach!

Do we go to the beach? And if the beach is far away or you can’t go there, you can always go to the lake or the river. The important thing is to splash around a little and be outdoors. ( 7 reasons to take children to the beach )

Day 26 – And after the beach … park!

Being outside in the fresh air is good. So, after yesterday’s day on the beach, today we all go to the little park. Why? We found 8 reasons to go there!

Day 27 – We paint a birdhouse

A nice activity to do with your child to attract the neighborhood sparrows? Buy at any DIY store a wooden birdhouse. Arm yourself with imagination and brush and paint it with him! Here are some decorating ideas.

Day 28 – We make a paper bracelet

We recycle a little paper we have at home and make a bracelet to give to mum or grandmother. Instructions to make it happen.

Day 29 – Shooting at the can!

The game of target practice, which always appeals to everyone and at any age. To make the targets, equip yourself with empty cans and arrange them in a pyramid. Whoever throws the most cans in one shot wins. The rules of can shooting.

Day 30 – Decorate the album of memories …

It’s been almost a month since you started your scrapbook. The time has come to add all the experiences you have had together and that you have not yet included: the slumber party, the water park, swimming in the pool, etc.

Day 31 – Tortilla for all

Potatoes, salt, oil, and eggs: let’s celebrate this last day together with a beautiful Spanish tortilla. Easy and simple to prepare. The tortilla recipe.

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