The extra attention for newborns The skin of babies is thinner than that of adults, has few defenses and produces less melanin. This is why babies should always be kept under an umbrella and must be protected with sunscreen because they are exposed to the sun’s reflection. Pediatricians generally recommendContinue Reading

Healthy and quick breakfasts before going to school How should children eat before going to school? According to the experts, the breakfasts must be complete and well-calibrated. Of course, sometimes mixing and changing makes the start of the day less boring. Here are some: 150 ml of milk or yogurt,Continue Reading

Especially those of writers and artists who have been able to put their thoughts on school or their first day of school on paper come to the rescue. There is little left until the arrival of September and the beginning of the school is getting closer and closer. Also thisContinue Reading

In September, like every year, school starts again and parents and students return to ask how the approach to the new classes will be, on which exact day the lessons will start, how to organize school and extra-curricular commitments, etc. We have made a special return to school for allContinue Reading

Not much yet and school starts again! The official American pediatrician association ( American Academy of Pediatrics ) has made 10 suggestions to start the school year in the best way. Yes, because being well prepared when starting school makes everything easier! Here are the tips of American experts: TOContinue Reading

Advice from Dr. Simonetta Gentile, developmental psychotherapist psychologist at the Operative Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry, Head of the Simple Unit of Clinical Psychology of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome. Advice for when your children start school The school is about to start again, are you ready? Here areContinue Reading

Back to school: because it is better not to load children with commitments According to a study by Yuko Munakata of the University of Colorado in Boulder, published in the magazine Frontiers of Psychology , children who are involved in many school and extracurricular activities reach, on their own, fewerContinue Reading

Some have already returned. Who still enjoys the last weeks before the big return. After the summer and the holidays, there always comes the time of the infamous return to the school desks for children. But there is a softer way to overcome it: play! Here, then, a few gamesContinue Reading

Is the sun good for children? How should the exposure take place? Which sunscreen to use and what should be the protective factor? Professor Piergiacomo Calzavara Pinton, director of the Dermatological Clinic of the Spedali Civili of Brescia, clarifies all the doubts of mothers. 1. The sun is good forContinue Reading

For boys (and parents) in high schools, here is a small vademecum to keep in mind more of the Latin and function study variations because ” self-esteem and self- confidence are warm feelings that belong to our children and their push to fight to recover or overcome obstacles “. TheContinue Reading